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Reconstruction of Partially Damaged Face Images Based on a Morphable Face Model
In this paper, we propose an efficient reconstruction method of partially damaged faces based on a morphable face model. This method has two prior conditions. First, positions of pixels in a damaged region of an input face are given. Second, correspondence of points in an undamaged region, of which the number is larger than that of prototypes is given. In order to reconstruct the shape and texture in the damaged region, we use the following two steps of a strategy. First, the linear coefficients to minimize the difference between the given shape/texture and the linear combination of the shape/texture prototypes are computed in the undamaged region. Second, the obtained coefficients are applied to the shape and texture prototypes in the damaged region, respectively. If these prior conditions are satisfied, this method does not require iterative processes, as well as is suitable for obtaining an optimal reconstruction image by simple projection for LSM.